We receive lot request regarding the WPA password decoder services so we decide to add this features to our to do list and hopefully before end of March we can get the service online. Unlike WEP decoding, the WPA decoding we will be pay as you go which mean it charge by each time you use our services to decode. Stay tune for the update.

High Speed WPA Decode service. Below is the WPA decode services provide to people who wish to decode the WPA password with the supply of .cap file.

Fast Instant WPA password decode
Crack WPA network password 5 times -$80 – Decode within 1 day time max.

WPA decode
Crack WPA network password 5 times -$50 -Regular -Decode within 4 day time.

Credit will be fully refund if the password cannot be decode. Contact us for more details.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. John says:

    Im interested to pay $$ to decode WPA password. How do we go about it?

  2. Remaind says:

    decryptics.com has free service too, and password was recovered, but when I started to used a software, well simply there is not enough CPU power.


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