When people think about hack to get free wifi, they always think of being serious and need to go through painful experience of learning long command code. They think they need to commit a lot time and require a lot talent in getting the nearby neighbor password. Now it is possible to get your nearby wifi with just few click even you don’t know much about linux.  We had build in step by step guide which normally just need go through 3 step,

1.boot in USB(dongle),

2.click the icon to start program(without need to install any program!)

3.Wait and get password and restart again to insert the password you get!! I believe anyone with basic computer knowledge do that?

Sure, there may be some companies that offer the same thing with cheaper price but when it come to user friendly for the software and receive sensitivity does they offer the same? See our 1000mW card and 5dbi antenna that usually cover a large range more to the market offer!! We had tested many card and we choose carefully as it’s vital for our customer instead of some cheaper fee.


With our tools, you will definitely get free wifi. The question is, “How much you willing to pay your internet service provider(ISP) each month ? This will really be up to you. You can save all the internet monthly bill while enjoy our service.  If you are frequent moving/travel around and don’t want to tide to a contact, our product will cater your need.  We here to help a lot of our clients to get free wifi. Imagine if you is a sale person and which subscribe to 3G and sometimes when you want to present something to your prospect client but found out that areas 3G not strong enough/ uncover, what should you do? Most cases you will found a wifi source nearby but the bad things is it’s always password protected. We know that how good it will be if you own 1 unit of our USB wifi decoder which give you password as fast as 3 min.

Ok, here is the set thing you will get?

1.100% Genuine Alfa wifi adapter with counterfeit sticker!

2.Wifi adapter CD+USB cable+5dbi Antena.

3.GUI user friendly Wifi USB dongle!! No need to type any command and come with USB dongle (or call it USB pendrive for better understand)

We accept payment through paypal as well, be confident to trade with us!


Wireless-G high power

with SMA Adapter (2dBi or 5dBi Antenna)

IEEE 802.11g/b, WPA/WPA2 Compliant, Attachable Antenna

Feature :
  • Connects at a full 54Mbps via USB 2.0, up to 8 times faster than a USB 1.1 adapter
  • High gain upgradeable
  • Compact size for greater flexibility
  • Also compatible with USB 1.1 desktop and notebook computers
  • Plug-and-Play Compatible with windows 98SE, 2000, Millennium, XP and Linux
  • High security 64/128/256bit WEP Encryption, TKIP, WPA, 802.11
Specification :
Model AWUS036H
Standards Wireless: IEEE 802.11b/g
USB 2.0 standard
Data Rate 802.11b: UP to 11Mbps
802.11g: 54Mbps
OS Supported Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux 2.6, Mac 10.4
Interface USB 2.0 mini USB
Antenna Type 1 x 2.4Ghz SMA connector
Chipset Realtek 8187L
One LED Power/Status, Wireless Act.
Frequency Range 2412~2462 MHz (N.A)
2412~2472 MHz (EU)
2412~2484 MHz (Japan)
Channel 1~11 channels ( North America )
1~13 channels ( General Europe)
1~14 channels (Japan)
Emission Type DSSS/OFDM
Output Power 24dBm (OFDM), 30dBm(CCK)
Sensitivity for 802.11b 1, 2 Mbps (BPSK, QPSK): – 96dBm
11 Mbps (CCK): -91dBm
(Typically @PER < 8% packet size 1024 and
@25ºC + 5ºC)
Sensitivity for 802.11g 54Mpbs (64QAM): -76dbm
48Mbps (64QAM): -71dbm
36Mpbs (16QAM): -78dbm
24Mbps (16QAM): -80dbm
18Mbps (QPSK): -81dbm
12Mpbs (QPSK): -82dbm
9Mbps (BPSK): -85dbm
6Mbps (BPSK): -91dbm
(typically @PER < 10% packet size 1024 and @25ºC + 5ºC)
Frequency Stability within +25 ppm
Data Modulation Type BPSK,QPSK, CCK and OFDM
Power Voltage: 5V+5%
Security WEP 64/128
802.1X support
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
Operating Temp 0°C ~ +50°C
Storage -10°C ~ +65°C
Humidity 5%~98% non-condensing
Dimension 8.5*2.2*6.3cm
Weight 38.5g

Start to unlock password today!

Wifi decoder-Free wifi access

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